DIY Lithium Battery Balancer and monitoring (BMS)

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(Jman Brosef) #854

Can I connect other devices the the i2c line?

(stuart) #855

Its the same code, just change the device type in Arduino and upload!

(Jman Brosef) #856

It doesnt compile for me. It can’t find userinterface.h

(PetrN.) #857

5 weeks I’m waiting for 85V-10SU … :frowning: No more.
I made 15x DIYBMS with 85-20SU …
14x works as they should … :wink:

(PetrN.) #858

And the next day they’re working …:wink:

Thanks Stuart !!! Good job! :slight_smile:

Another 14x will follow when 85V-10SU arrives.
I compare how they work

(stuart) #859

Very neat install there - a lot of power!

(Tim Nachbauer) #860

Hey, I recently finished all my seven BMS PCB modules and got them connected to the ESP. I can see the voltage of all the cells in the web interface and if I click “Above average balance” the BMS modules start to balance my battery. The only problem is, that the module connected to the pack with the highest voltage (the last time I tried it was 4.2V) doesn’t discharge them. Right after I click “Above average balance” the blue LED lights up, but after 2 or 3 seconds goes out with a surprising fade out. Did somebody have the same problem and knows how to solve it? Do I need to replace a specific electronical component of this board?

Thanks for any help