Displays failing after running EmonPI Full update

I ran the Full Update function within EmonPI this morning. It’s something I’ve done regularly without issue. I always run the backup export before I do this.

It has not gone to plan this morning and I now get this error when I open any of my displays that have feed values displayed.


Also, these failing displays cannot be edited and saved, the save button does not change from “Changed, press to save” to “saved”.

I made a copy of a display and the copy has the same issue.

Any clues for a fix?

Some extra info on the problem.

The error text is the same regardless of which display I open. If I try to edit the display the values are displayed for a short time which I managed to catch a screengrab off, but not in the correct location, they are offset.

The displays refuse to save even when all objects are deleted.

The update log seems to suggest that these were updated

widget/feedtimestamp/feedtimestamp_render.js | 274 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

widget/jgauge2/jgauge2_render.js | 10 ±

widget/kwhperiod/kwhperiod_render.js | 8 ±

If I create a new display and drop a new Kwhperiod value object on it, that kills the display.

The latest version of kwhperiod_render.js has call to feed.getvalue(), without the underscore that appears in your error message. This change was made last November. Did you update the dashboard module at the same time?