China Micro inverter : how import data power monitoring

(Chris) #1

Hi all , i’m new and got some question for those people specialist of Energy :wink:
Sorry for my english i’m French

i 've got a sleeping 185Wc solar panel in my garage and it was idiot not use it !
Let’s trie to make free electricity !!
So i bought this micro Solar Inverter :
this is the rapid test result :

See 433MHz antenna between AC and DC cables

Ok it’s China Made, not guaranted, no UL certificat … BUT : since 1 month, it produced 20kWh

i bought this model because it got power communication 433MHZ wireless (instead of in power serial communication + RC power filter …)
This is my question : Does someone know the protocol of this communication . APS got similar How to: Import Data from APS Micro Inverters but what about this Kaideng WVC300 one ?

Note : in the inverter, there is a very easy to use, HC12 TransReceiver TTL<->433mhz .
All monitoring project are easily made, but it lacks the communication protocol !

please help :wink:

(stuart) #2

I don’t know your inverter, however this may be a useful link for you…

(Chris) #3

thank you for your link, it will deepen my knowledge of this module that I use for a few years with the old HC11. :wink:
i’m sad that no one knows or has visualized on the oscilloscope the serial communication signals.
I know that Chinese products are pointed but it must be said that it works rather well :slight_smile:
Without the need to add a filter on the electrical installation, the HC12 and its long range is a plus compared to the on-line power communication which is very random efficiency.

(stephen krywenko) #4

you can always ask the manufacture of it, Chinese manufactures can be quite open and accommodating and provide you an SDK if you ask giving your end purpose . or a lot of times they build the end software/hardware product for you.-- because as they see it- if you ask there are more likely more people who would like the same - and in the end means more sales at the end of the day for them… and really in the end what does it hurt to ask all but a little time and research on your part

(Dave) #5

I cant help you with the communications of the inverter but what I can tell you is that connection block on the grid feed is not suitable for outside conditions.


(Chris) #6

I tried to tell to manufacture but I’m so sad when he reply to me “protocole is only for good customers”

(Chris) #7

That’s why i found this one with wireless communication and with cheapest and very simple to use HC12 433Mhz transceiver included :grin:

(Øystein Hansen) #8


Did you manage to find the communication protocol ?

I would like to buy one of the Kaideng WVC-600 grid tie inverters, but i would really like to integrate them with my home automation system, MQTT and Home Assistant.

I am a software developer by profession, and have a master in Electrical Engineering.

Do you have any received data i can take a look at ?

(Chris) #9


I ‘m on hollyday, when i com back i’ll explain you



(Chris) #10

Hi , sorry for late response, i’m better free this time. Did you find the protocol ?