WVC inverter MQTT Data logging for all versions of inverters

This is a picture of my inverter.

There is no QR Code, but a code bar. ID starts with digit 4000 and than xxxx. KDM doesn’t accept this ID. I’m trying to reach the seller. I’ve checked the database inside the installation folder and there is no WVC-700 there. My version is WVC-700R3.

okay I looked through it still seams to be the same modem ( thought they do not show the inverter and modem together)
try communicating with this seller and ask if it compatible with the original wvc modem or it requires a different modem ( give him a song and dance that have this modem that you use with other WVC inverters ie 1200 and 600)… when I check out seller of WVC inverter and modem the modem is about $50… seller of these versions sell the modem for $100 US… which to me suggest it might be a slightly different modem… think it is most likely this one

but try the f2 command with both the 8bit and the 4bit ending with the end bit of x65 hopefully one of them gives you a reply and hopefully it still works with the table you would used the 600 for 700 and 1200 for 1400 if it replies back

if he says it works with the same modem maybe ask for a copy of software…

I am pretty sure they never switched up protocols that much one probably would need your inverter and modem and sniff what happen and how/when to get a better sense

I asked for you this seller I will let you know when or if they reply back usually it should be by tomorrow

Hello Stephen, I really appreciate.

I’ve reached my seller which told me that the modem is different (the link you send is correct). Really expensive! I’ve asked for the software but they don’t want to send to me. I got the manual for the new modem. The software is now embedded inside the modem. Probably the protocol is really the same,

I will try the \xf2, however, I’m not sure about my ID yet: (40000168)
\xf2\xfb\x05\x11\x84\x4000\x0168\x65 ???
Not sure if ID is DEC or HEX. Any suggestions?

thank you Anson Guo for your reply. currently one question if I have the older version wvc inverters wvc300, wvc600 or the wvc1200 is it compatible with the newer modem?

i think it is \xf2\xfb\x05\x11\x84\x40\x00\x01\x68\x65

but from what gather from anson original post it prefixed the older series with 2000,4000 and 6000. it probably tells their modem what table to use ( if the older inverters are compatible with the newer modem)
so this would be the most probable –

\xf2\xfb\x05\x11\x84\x01\x68\x65 - curious is your inverter ID still dec based of hex based as it one years into production so it should have some hex by now

Hello Anson Guo, I’m glad you’ve joined our discussion.
I can tell you my individual and honest opinion. I bought WVC because I saw a lot of videos regarding WVC, like fixing problems, inside componentes and mainly because of our topic. I mean, APsystem uses zigbee, why not choose an inverter that has 25 year warranty. Because we want to know, we want to build, we want to do our own way.

I’m not comfortable to buy a modem that is almost the price of the inverter just because I don’t know the protocol. In other words, if you found this topic you may know that people here already have a raspberry working with emoncms and nodered.

The way I see is more or less like an IP camera. There are a lot of Chinese brands of ip camera’s that use V380 app. It just don’t work for everyone. Myself included. To solve that problem, they started to distribute a patch, for the ones who ask, in which you can free your camera. They’ve noticed that they were loosing potential professional clients.

I just have two panels at the moment, but I’m intending to grow it. Thus, I need to monitor the micro inverter to check if it is suitable. Besides that, last time I’ve imported a WiFi device, my local custom sent it back. There is another potential risk there and why I’m avoiding it.

I will try and report latter. I also noticed that they’ve reduced modem ID size to 4-characters.

to help you out a bit I ordered a hc-12 and a usb serial to connect to it… I will sniff my 433 packet stream and see what happening on my current device and if it works fine and I can bridge between my current inverters and the HC-12… I will let you know… – then perhaps someone who has a wvc 700 and modem might be kind enough to upload a small data capture between the devices ( 10 - 20 data sends and receives would be fine ) and what the outputs were in that corresponding time period ( ie dc volt/amp/ ac volt/amp and temp) and I see if I can decipher the rest (also I need their modem ID and inverter id)

I’ve been testing, with trial and error. I couldn’t get any response, however, I can see that the inverter is trying to communicate.

Normally, during transmit rate the current drain is higher. Since I’m testing in a bench, I notice that it is trying to send something that I’m not able to catch.


AT+FU2 - Any output gets a beep from the inverter.
AT+FU3 - It tries to transmit (Maybe I’m getting null) for 9600 and 4800 baudrate
AT+FU1 - Nothing.

@stephen Can you open your modem. We can see if serial is going straight to HC12 or if there is something in between.

@Anson_Guo for R2, last byte is just an ending or has some CRC? Is possiblem to communicate for R2 using a HC12?

EDIT: I found a problem in my test. I’m using a console terminal. The results are only printed over char. I will write a python program now.

Hi,Mr Thales Maia

We are very glad that you are interested in testing and improving our products. You can send your questions to me, and I will tell our software engineers, if conditions permit, we can open the agreement to you, and let you go Making new communication equipment, maybe we can cooperate further, we express open opinions on this!

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by this “interrupted” it grabs some data but not all of it ??? as some data that is gathered by the newer modem uses other specific command that the older inverter do not support…

@thalesmaia if you used the interceptty (GitHub - geoffmeyers/interceptty) it converted to human readable form… or you could use cutecom…

hopefully you get it to work with your version of wvc inverter 700 … if not when ever I get around to buying more of these inverters I will try myself. but I order the hc-12 and see if I get that work with my older ones … and if I do it be one step closer to getting the 700/1400 to work

here a image of inside the modem for your curiosity it running at 5 volt and the colour code is backwards-- but since Anson_Guo has offered to help you more directly … there no real need for me to debug further for you.-- my next step would be either sniff the 433 signal or patch off the serial connections and read the data stream. to see what happening and the chipset are pic 16f7x

but it would seam that they have one micro controller to do the serial pass the data to the second controller that translates and passes the data to the hc-12 (whether it still at buad rate of 9600 or lower or higher is another question)… and vise versa ( via usart) – it would seam to be fairly easy to hack it if I want too… ie attach an esp/arduino to it and a wireless or direct serial

Maybe they’ve changed the pic code but not the HC12. If you can get the package from HC12, it would be very nice. I was trying to bruteforce config for HC12, but if you can put SET to GND and send “AT+RX”, it will return all configurations.

Hello @stephen, were you able to read anything from the HC12?
My inverter is now placed above my roof. I can still test if, but no more on my bench.

Hi here, i have little time to give away my finds
This is my modem R2 , the old model i bought.

FD0808F6 : this is the ID used in the protocole (see above)

see the HC12 with red wires . Seems to replace the “on power serial transmit data”
The HC12 use the Factory parameters : don’t change it.

In red : the Modem question begin with F2, 4005 ( MicroInverter ID), 65 (question)" , FD0808F6 (Modem ID)
In Blue : the Wvc response
F2 4005 75 (response) , FD 08 : i don’t know ? First 2 octets of Modem ID, 9 octets, FD0808F6 (Modem ID)

To resume the systeme:

Only the temp use 1 octets, other use 2 octets.


My hour and hour research of protocol explaining :

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sorry was waiting for my hc12 to come first before I start messing around with my modem. I think it should be here either this week or the following

I confirm that, using a H12 and a R3 WVC microinverter, there is no response.
I also tried different variations.

Check the new modem manual attached. Maybe that enlighten someone.

@SuperNinja is there any other message smaller than 8-bytes? Status? Power-on/off?

did you open your micro inverter to find HC12 ?
Mine is like this :

HC12 at the bottom with red wire

How did you connect an read datas from the HC12 (receiver) ?

this is exactely what i received in Hex form with a TTL to USB converter like this :
Rx, Tx, Gnd, Vcc : connected to the HC12 , USB connected on my PC or smartphone with a terminal App.

The old protocol only display Volt In , Amp In , Volt out, AMp Out, Temp

Carefull : there is incompatibility between HC12
is not the same as :

I did not. I was afraid of losing some water proof insulation. I saw a teardown video with some glue within.

According to @Anson_Guo, the protocol is different. However the hardware is the same since the new modem can communicate with old inverters.

Just noticed that I forget to attach the pdf file.

Messages that I was trying:
0xf2, 0x40, 0x00, 0x01, 0x57, 0x65, 0x80, 0x55
0xf2, 0x40, 0x00, 0x01, 0x57, 0x65, 0xfd, 0x08, 0x08, 0xf6
0x40, 0x00, 0x01, 0x57, 0xf2, 0x65, 0x80, 0x55
0x40, 0x00, 0x01, 0x57, 0xf2, 0x65, 0xfd, 0x08, 0x08, 0xf6

My HC12 board is the black one. I will order the blue.

just carefull about the center IC : mine is

some other HC12 are :
si4438 and 4463 are not compatible !

mine has a seal that does not get damaged when dismantling. I don’t know how yours is made … After that, if it is placed under the solar panel, it does not fear much.