Zooming into forum images

Probably a question for @Gwil but is there a forum restriction to prevent forum users zooming into forum images?
I’m currently working via phone, and wanted to pinch zoom into the image so that I could read the text, but was frustrating that I was unable to do so.
Post - TypeError: processlist_ui.processlist[processid] is undefined in FireFox - #3 by jasonnet

I wasn’t able to pinch zoom the image, but tapping on it did give me a larger image that made reading
the text quite easy.

After that I was able to drag the image left/right and up/down, but no pinch zoom there either.

Unfortunately, you can’t zoom in on images with lightbox on Discourse - Cannot use zoom for lightbox images on phones - feature - Discourse Meta.

As an individual hack, there is probably a way to force your broswer to always allow zooming on all sites.

As for everyone else, I’ll look into it.