TypeError: processlist_ui.processlist[processid] is undefined in FireFox

Hi Team,
Today I created a emonBase server from a downloaded SD card image.
I didn’t do anything odd. Things started fairly well, but when I switched to a static ip address, an odd behavior started.

If I visit the Input or Feed pages of the emonCMS web server, I now am seeing a pop up that says:

TypeError: processlist_ui.processlist[processid] is undefined

Starting an emonBase update didn’t help. A search of the emonCMS community didn’t help.

I know enough PHP to have a basic understanding of what that message means, but I’m not familiar enough emonCMS to know where to find the error log that lists the line number of this problem so that I might debug this without asking questions here. (/var/log/apache2/error_log is basically empty.) I’m not really up to speed on how all the components of a emonCMS/emonBase machine work together.

How do I figure this out myself?

Update: I found the code. The pertinent code appears to be in process_ui.js, not in PHP. But…

This problem does not occur with Chrome. It does not occur in FireFox if I have the page running in the FireBug debugger. It only occurs if I’m using Firefox without the debugger. I think this is going to make this tough to debug but perhaps it will provide you with a clue as to what is wrong.

I’m attaching a screen shot of the error on FireFox. This one was for the Feeds page, but the same thing happens on the Inputs page.

Debugging suggestions are still welcome.

Update. Simply updating the JS file on the server, without any actual change of JS code, was sufficient to cause the problem to disappear again. It must be somewhat related to Firefox’s cache.