Windows install where do I go for help

Okay I’ve followed the install instructions given so far for installing Windows. I’ve managed to create a user. I’ve logged in and I’ve tested the test feeds and then created the test feeds. Where to from here?

When I log in I have the following menu:
Black Line showing “Extra” “Setup” and “Logout”

“Extra” consists of

  1. “Schedule” - brings up notice no schedules
  2. “Visualizations” - brings up the visualizations screen

“Setup” consists of

  1. “Inputs” - shows 3 test inputs nodes
  2. “Feeds” - shows 1 test feed
  3. “My Account” - brings up My Account details
  4. “Administration” - brings pages displaying
    a: “Users” - shows my user name and email address
    b. “Update datbase”
    c. “Logger” pointing to correct file location “View last entries on the
    d. “Server Information” as follows;
    Server Information
    Emoncms Version 9.8.27 | 2017.12.21
    Modules Administration | EventProcesses | Feed | Input | CoreProcess | Schedule | Time | User | Visualisation
    Server OS Windows JOHN-NEWLAP
    Host NT (NT)
    Date 2018-01-03 14:59:41 UTC
    HTTP Server Apache/2.4.27 (Win64) PHP/5.6.31 HTTP/1.1 CGI/1.1 80
    MySQL Version 5.7.19
    Host localhost (
    Date 2018-01-03 14:59:41 (UTC 00:00‌​)
    Stats Uptime: 87606 Threads: 1 Questions: 8626 Slow queries: 0 Opens: 199 Flush tables: 1 Open tables: 192 Queries per second avg: 0.098
    PHP Version 5.6.31 (Zend Version 2.6.0)
    Modules apache2handler | bcmath | bz2 | calendar | com_dotnet v0.1 | Core v5.6.31 | ctype | curl | date v5.6.31 | dom v20031129 | ereg | exif v1.4 | fileinfo v1.0.5 | filter v0.11.0 | ftp | gd | gettext | gmp | hash v1.0 | iconv | imap | intl v1.1.0 | json v1.2.1 | ldap | libxml | mbstring | mcrypt | mhash | mysql v1.0 | mysqli v0.1 | mysqlnd | odbc v1.0 | openssl | pcre | PDO v1.0.4dev | pdo_mysql v1.0.2 | pdo_sqlite v1.0.1 | Phar v2.0.2 | Reflection | session | SimpleXML v0.1 | soap | sockets | SPL v0.2 | sqlite3 v0.7-dev | standard v5.6.31 | tokenizer v0.1 | wddx | xdebug v2.5.5 | xml | xmlreader v0.1 | xmlrpc v0.51 | xmlwriter v0.1 | xsl v0.1 | Zend OPcache v7.0.6-devFE | zip v1.12.5 | zlib v2.0 |

Powered by | 9.8.27 | 2017.12.21

I know there are heaps of modules either missing or not switched on. Could someone please point me to a document or list of items still to be completed.


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Hi Johannes,
I have a couple of Windows emoncms instances running (one under WAMP, one under IIS) - so we can compare results if/when necessary.
But, it sounds like you’re basically there!
You might want to add the ‘Graph’ module, it’s the most powerful visualization tool - but it depends what you’d like out of your installation.
Then you may need ‘Redis’ - there are a few of the feed processors that require it (but only a few) - again, going to depend on requirements. (If it turns out you do need this, let me know & I’ll try to remember what I did to get it going!)


Thanks would appreciate any pointers on how to install the Graphs and Redis.

I have nearly 4 years of solar generation data from my old monitor which I’d like to import and merge with the data coming from the emonpi and emontx. I also have my own weather station (also feeding to the weather underground) and fancy seeing how I can merge that into the data.


Hi John,
Graph is easy - however you got the GITHUB emoncms/emoncms code into your c:\WAMP\www\emoncms directory, do the same for emoncms/graph into C:\WAMP\emoncms\Modules\graph directory (‘however you got…’ could have been a manual download of the file from github, or it could have been a git client script - for the moment, I’m just doing the manual process).
And one other one I forgot to mention; you’ll almost certainly want the dashboard module also… same as graph; from GITHUB emoncms/dashboard to C:\WAMP\www\emoncms\Modules\dashboard.
Once you’ve got those copied, you’ll need to log on to your emoncms, go to Setup | Administration and in the ‘Update database’ section click ‘Update & check’. The ‘Administration’ option does seem to disappear periodically; if so, do a logout & log back in & it should come back.
One observation somewhat related to you initial question; usually it’s a good idea to only put code into the WAMP\www… directories, so I put my emoncms.log file somewhere else - usually the same place as my phpfina etc. directories. There’s a setting towards the bottom of settings.php (section 6; Other Settings) where you configure this (same double backslash conventions as you used when specifying the data directories).
Redis; I’ll get back to you later.
Historical data; I believe there is an import process for phpfina feed files, but I’ve not used looked for it. Hopefully someone else can comment. Alternatively, you could define your feeds as MySQL stored data, then just use SQL INSERT to load the historical files (probably after a fair bit of reformatting!)
Weather Station; likewise! (Mine’s an AmbientWeather WS-2902). But I’ve not done anything into emoncms yet.

Hi John,
Have you seen this article from @glyn.hudson ?

(Though it does beg a whole new set of issues about installing nodeRED on Windows!!)


Thanks for the great reply. Graph and Dashboard loaded. Will load test data and trial both.


Yes I had seen this and wasn’t to sure about the nodeRed install either. As my weather station program (Cumulus) creates an input file every 10 seconds (realtime.txt) I was going look at was of incorporating a input from this to a seperate node. Will have to look more at the timestamp being created.

But hey it’s all fun and keeping me of the streets in my retirement.