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Weekly and Monthly stats for display in graph tools


I’d like to build some graphs which show a stacked bar graph of weekly or monthly stats, to ‘show house from solar’, ‘divert to immersion’ and ‘export’, to compare with a line showing ‘solar generated’, roughly equivalent to:

I can only see input processors up to daily kWh within ecmoncms, I’ve looked through the community and couldn’t find anything to suggest that this is a current/ planned capability.

I’ve taken a very quick look and found references within “PHPFina.php” for weekly and monthly, hence presume that the basics of the capability are there, but that it may need a few input processes to be configured etc.

I’m happy to have a hack around, but wanted to check the approach and whether anyone had kick started this and that I could build upon.

I’ve been tweaking multigraph to support the visual aspects, hence my current focus upon creating and storing the feeds

I’m closing this off as I’ve been working on tweaks to “Graph” which will deliver what I am aspiring to achieve above. For more details of the changes: