Watt-hours over GSM

The idea of my Project is to develop a solution (outdoor) for read watt-hours (Optical Pulse Outputs) data from one Landis Industrial meter (three phase power) and send this information in a message (SMS) over GSM. The watt-hours data should be sent to a Data Center of customer. What is hardware that i must use for this project ?

I would recommend an emonpi with optical pulse sensor. The latest version of the emonPi includes built-in support for GSM usb modems

Hi Glyn,

Thanks you for recomendation. Remenber that the box should be installed outdoors and the GSM USB can be damaged by the rain. As you know i need to create a solution for this issue.

Please you help and advice with my Project. The idea is to place all board within the same outdoor box. I hope that you can help me ….

I can use a emonTx shield + Arduino + GSM (external antenna) ?



The emonpi is not waterproof, I would not recommend using it externally. Another option would be the use an emonpi (located inside) then use an emonTH outside with a optical senior connected to it.


The emonth is battery powered and will transmitt data back to the emonpi via RF:

The emonth is not naturally waterproof but it can easily be placed in a waterproof enclosure: