Want more than 4 EmonTHs

Want more than 4 EmonTHs.

According to EmonTH V1.5 - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki

A USB to UART cable and Arduino IDE can be used to set additional unique node IDs by changing the nodeID variable at the beginning of the sketch.
Alternatively, we are happy to set the node ID for you, before shipping. (Leave us a note with your order)

When I do the order I only see the option for the 4 that are available by the DIP switch.

That sounds pretty troublesome. Can you just provide a way to order these with this already completed on the EmonTH?

I’m looking for at least 2-4 more EmonTHs to bring my total to 6-8.

Need temperature monitoring in each room so my thermostat knows when to run depending on which room I’m in.

If you leave a comment on the order we’ll happily do this for you (the option to leave a comment will appear at checkout).

I continue this thread since the topic is much the same, feel free to correct me if i wrong.

I have ordered 7 emonTH V2 -Temperature & Humidity Node (RF node ID (unique per network)
(and 1 emonbase and emonTX and current sensors CT) Order #16209

in the comment I have wrote:
Order Instructions/Comments
Since I have bought 7 emonTH v2 nodes, please set them up with unique ID.

And now that the items are on the way I read on my order web-page:
Glyn: This can be done via serial config. Node decoders entries will also need to be setup on emonBase SD card

Looking around this community it’s seems I need a cable

“Node ID can be set by us before shipping”

So the question is:
do you have set them up with different ID?
if no, is there an howto to read to set them with a unique ID?

I hope to not to have to buy other cables because the cost to sent items in Italy has been very high.

thank you.

Hi Paolo,

We have already set the Node ID’s on the emonTH units and updated the entries on the SD card before shipping. I think Glyn left that comment for future reference.

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Hi @paolo-pedaletti,

That comment for was our internal use, sorry for the confusion, The emonTH’s have all been ready setup. They should just work plug-and-play out of the box for you with the emonBase. No config needed.

FIiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :slight_smile:
Thank you!
THIS is “customer care” :+1:

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