Using weather apps to trigger security options

Currently for the last couple days they being warning of an extreme weather event to happen in my area starting tomorrow .Snowagedon - up to 80 cm of heavy wet snow and extremely high winds +90km . for 3 days and the temperature then dropping to -15c for the next week afterwards. they basically expect there to be very long prolong power outages that could run on for weeks as power lines snap from the ice loads.

so i was thinking of ways to mitigate . as I am pretty mitigated already as I have solar water pumps that will provide me water pretty much indefinitely. and backup energy source . and solar heated thermo buffers and emergency wood heat source if required…

But I thought I make it a little more automatic-

Basically what it does, if my weather apps for mycroft ( which will run as stand alone app with out mycroft) or a European version - if it get warning event such as extreme weather warning - sends a trigger to my energy monitor and turns on specific relays controled by the energy monitor . in this case it turns on my diversion element and will heat the buffer tanks to maximum temperature of bi metallic switch setting ( 75c) and stay in this mode until the weather event goes back to normal

example format;

http://your_ip/control?cmd=pwm,04,25   turns on switch4 
http://your_ip/control?cmd=pwm,04,55   turns off switch4

so in the case of EVCAN alert in the

I add this to their sections


and then when it goes to no alert status
I add this section


then it shuts off the diversion over ride and everything goes back to normal operation …

I will probably have to add in a time of year condition as I do get ‘SPECIALWEATHERSTATEMENT’ in the summer for forecast of huge rainfall or extreme wind event … but we will see how well it works first with this predicted huge blizzard event … at least I should have a good 24 - 48 hr period of heat and warmth in the house before I need to start up the wood stove . if the skies remain heavily overcast if returns to sunny or lightly overcast then I am good fairly indefinitely at this time of year for heat and basic power usage just from the sun

I thought I post this… perhaps someone else would like the inspiration of doing the same for their systems


Phew - I wish you the best and hope you get through it OK.

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thank you @Robert.Wall – I am hoping too – I hope it is either 2 or 3 degrees warmer and it falls as rain or 2 or 3 degrees cooler and it falls as dry snow… the predicted heavy wet snow is the worse predicted outcome it could be currently .

in case you were curious on one the size and scope of this blizzard. the largest recorded blizzard before was 43cm in 1997 and the next biggest was 1966 at 36cm I was born around the 1966 blizzard 3 weeks afterwards . people were trapped in their houses for days as the snow covered houses . my son was born 3 weeks after the 1997 one entire cities came to stand still as nothing could move . both resulted in major spring flooding … 1997 being the largest flood on record 1 billion dollars in damage ( inflation adjusted) - this one has the potential to be twice the size of that one. depending how fast it melts our previous snow level already surpassed 1997 levels as it was a very heavy winter . now this is just more icing on the cake for possible an even bigger flooding event.

well the weather app event triggering worked well turned on the event on the specific triggered event and then turned it off when the weather warning went away. I think, if I have time this summer , I will add in shutter control for my solar panels and evacuated solar tube in case of hail or tornado event and possible for my windows as well.

the major part of the storm missed me and I only got about 30cm of snow and luckily it got colder and fell as loose snow . there were power outages about 3 km east of me for few 100 people but I was unaffected . the brunt hit about 50km west of me they got 80-90 cm of snow … here a picture from a friend of mine yard

that’s all new snow, as it was pretty much all melted away already… highways and roads are all closed there are many people are trapped in their yards and really trapped because you can not even use skidoos to get out, as the snow so loose, the skidoo just sinks to the bottom and you would be pushing a 3 foot wall of snow the entire time . I suspect some will be trapped for a week or more before the roads get cleared pass their approaches