Use as a appliance power meter?


I am very new here, new to EmonPi, arduino and RaspberryPi so I’m learning but bear with me if I say something obvious or incorrect.

I plan on using an EmonPi or any variant to monitor the current, voltage and power of an industrial appliance that can consume up to about 2200W (110V at 20A on a USA circuit).

I’ll continue posting here as I go along for note keeping and maybe someone else would be interested in that simple application.

I am having a steep learning curve given all my questions in this topic here.

Any advice, comment are very much appreciated.


I think it might be better not to spread your questions over several different threads, especially as they are all likely to be related.

Thanks Robert. I thought I would just detail the steps I take and the results I get here, including photos but you are right this may be duplicate. This can be deleted or close (I don’t think I can).

Closed per OP request - Moderator, BT