Updating node-red

Paul - I saw your post on the Node-RED google groups about upgrading Node-RED from v0.13.x to v0.14.x and I would have done the same command as you tried. So what is the correct command to upgrade from 13 to 14? I’d like to start experimenting with the UI/Dashboard nodes.

Yes, it was a silly mistake!
Once the Raspbian Jessie repository is updated by the node-red team to v0.14, it will be updated by running the generic Raspbian update commands;

sudo apt-get update
followed by
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I last checked 3 days ago and the version was still at 0.13.4, but the node-red blog dated 14th June claimed that it would be updated in the near future…


Is the Node-RED update done this way because Node-Red is part of the standard Jessie build? I am assuming/guessing this command will upgrade a few other packages also…

I ask because the last time (end of last year) I ran these commands bad stuff happened. The command seemed to be adding lots of Jessie (maybe it was Wheezy) related packages I did not have. I ended up having to re-image the SD and restore things from my backup. It was a good learning experience except I never really understood what I did wrong!

Thank you!

Yes, node-red is pre-installed within the Jessie operating system.

I can’t advise you about the emoncms image which is built on a ‘cut down’ version of Jessie, but @glyn.hudson will be able to.


The latest SD card (emonsSD-03-May16) is based on Jessie Lite which is exactly the same as the standard Jessie without all the packages installed. Jessie Lite pulls from the same raspbian package repositories as the full version. NodeRed will update in the same way.

Glyn - If I run these two commands, does this update Jessie Lite to Jessie?

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I ask because last time I ran these commands I ended up with LOTS of extra packages and I could not determine why. I’ll look for the Terminal command logs from that experience but I doubt I kept them.


shouldn’t that be dist-upgrade?

Check /var/log/apt/hist.log and /var/log/apt/term.log

No, it will download and update only the files required for Jessie Lite.
There may be some additional packages added, but only those that are contained within the current Jessie Lite release, like dependent libraries etc.
It will however download & update quite a few existing packages for improved stability, security and user experience.
I’ve just upgraded mine (full Jessie), but node-red is still at v0.13.4 so no rush!


Yes it should! I updated my post - Thanks!

EDIT: I did not find a hist.log or a term.log or even a /var/log/apt directory.

I don’t think so, I think it will just update the packages you have already
installed rather then install new packages you don’t already have. Best
search / ask on the Raspberry Pi forums to be sure.

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