Update instructions

Hi Paul, I think it would be useful to remind folk how they can update to this version and maybe explain a bit more about what you mean by needing to create a new settings file. Is the old file renamed and the new one dropped in which then needs editing? Perhaps a brief explanation as to why as well would be interesting.

Is there some form of change log as well. I think I got something from Github by email but cannot see anything like it actually on Github (probably just don’t know how to find it).

I think we also need an ‘announcement’ group as well for these sorts of thinks so they do not get buried.

All I need to do is work out how to upgrade!



This is perhaps something which should be raised publicly rather than privately by PM. Is it OK if I move this message to the forum?


Yes, I just didn’t want it to look like a criticism, just a suggestion to help the less well informed which is why I PM’d :smile:

Thanks for the forethought Brian.
But maintaining a forum changelog would need wider support to ensure that it would be consistently maintained, regardless of who merges the changes ( I seem to recall that we did have one once??).
As for updating guides, other members have taken the lead in producing the detailed guides, and maybe something that they may wish to consider.