Recent software updates

A couple of changes made last night;

Thanks to @nchaveiro the emoncms core files have been updated with a number of bug fixes, and has also introduced a ‘spinner’ which is displayed whilst the inputs and feeds tables are being updated, instead of displaying loading.... The version has been bumped up to v9.8.2 | 2017.03.03
This is currently on the git Master branch - so not available for emonpi’s just yet.
Please note; You will need to create a new settings.php file from default.settings.php when you update an emonbase.

Thanks to @adpeace a few css and layout changes have been made to the app module, which aligns some of the headings, that were not aligned previously, and also improved the ‘My Electric’ display on predominantly smaller mobile devices.
This is available now for update by both emonpi’s & emonbase’s.