Understanding My Solar Battery Application

Hello people,

I currently use the “My Solar Divert” application to monitor my off-grid system. I have a couple of information about my system.

I am completely off-grid which means I don’t have any grid connection whatsoever. My system is a classic off-grid setup. Solar - Battery - Inverter.

The house gets energy from solar + battery. Excess solar is “diverted” or used in charging the battery bank and at night the battery powers the home.

They don’t seem to be any application that supports this type of setup. I am using the My Solar Battery Application but there are parts of the dashboard I don’t understand.

Below is a numbered annotation of the various part of the My solar battery application which appreciate some help with.

The battery (Number 2 in the screenshot) How is the percentage calculated? What figure is it displaying. Is it showing the percentage of battery discharge in kw relative to capacity?

Grid (Number 2) I don’t know what this figure is meant for, I am completely offgrid so the grid feed during setup is always 0. Here I am seeing 6.1kwh, where is it pulling this figure from? is it energy usage?

There is a an error pointing to Grid (number 1) I also don’t understand what that mean.

Number 3 is pointing to battery, is it showing the energy used in battery charging in kwh

Apologies if my questions don’t make sense. I did try finding more documentation to read about the My Solar Battery application but I didn’t see anything concrete. I would really appreciate the help.

Ok so a bit of context, I use a Victron system with the Victron battery monitor reporting battery discharge which is a negative figure (while the charge is a positive number) I noticed the solar battery application is not designed to accept negative numbers. .eg battery discharge shows 0 when I am discharging the battery because the battery discharge values are negative.

Is there a way to work around this?

I think you need to log your incoming input into two separate feeds for charge and discharge:

  1. Allow positive
  2. Log to feed: charge_watts
  3. Power to kWh: charge_kwh
  4. RESET
  5. Allow negative
  6. x -1
  7. Log to feed: discharge_watts
  8. Power to kWh: discharge_kwh

This will give you the 4 feeds you need to provide to My Solar Battery app:


I don’t know if that will solve your situation entirely, but it make help get you in the right direction.

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A quick explanation of the parts you’ve numbered, with feed names in brackets:

  1. solar energy that is exported to the grid. if you don’t have a grid connection, then this might mean “excess solar that couldn’t be used or stored”
  2. net grid use, will be negative in your case if excess energy is counted
  3. solar energy used to charge the battery (charge_kwh)
  4. solar energy used to power the house (solar_direct_kwh)
  5. energy imported from the grid, should be zero
  6. how much the battery SOC % has increased or decreased in the time shown
  7. battery energy used to power the house (discharge_kwh)
  8. percentage of overall house consumption that has come from the battery

Be sure to click on the spanner icon in the top right corner to tell the app which feeds to use for what. There is also a setting for the Battery Capacity.


Thank you so much @Timbones adding x-1 did the magic I already had a separate negative feed, different from the positive feed. Now the app is working as intended.

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@Timbones Thank you so much for this. I was not expecting such a detailed response but I am so glad I asked. It would help if this can be documented for others. I am willing to help with this documentation if allowed.

One more thing, how long does it take for the historical view to populate? I have set all the kwh feeds but the historical view is still blank.

I got the answer else where. it takes couple of days for the historical logs to populate.