Unable to restart emon pi after system fail

After running continuously for well over a year, my emon pi died, I was unable to ssh into it or ping it. I am unsure of what version it was running, I just remember that it was a version that was meant to initially boot from sd, then switch to a usb drive. I have fsck’d both the sd and the usb drive on my Debian laptop and then tried to restart the pi. Unfortunately it halts after attempting to set up X socket directories with the following:

INIT: PANIC: segmentation violation! sleeping for 30 seconds.

It does this continuously, every thirty seconds.
Is this down to a corrupted boot sd card and if so where might I find a copy to replace it with?

this sounds like some problem with the card indeed

maybe full ? or it died after so many years

you could try to install a new card and here is the latest software for it

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By USB drive do you mean usb stick/ssd or is it a spinning disk hdd?
The SD card is only used momentarily during bootup and only to read, so it is unlikely (but not impossible) to fail.It is more likely to be a usb stick/ssd than the sd card.

Assuming you wish to retain your data, do you have another linux based machine? or a spare SD card?

If the SD card started out as a full image prior to creating the usb image then you could try booting to that original image, you could just put the SDcard in a windows PC using a card reader and edit cmdline.txt, better still create a 2nd copy OLDcmdline.txt and edit the original so you can easily revert. the one edit you require is to change
when you boot from this SD the pi should run on the SDcard alone (if the original fs is there)

(note - if the entry in cmdline.txt is already mmcblk0p2 then the usb drive was just a data partition and the filesystem is entirely on the SD card and this method will not work)

If it works you should be able to try mounting the usb device with a view to fixing it or extract the data you have collected or at least prove which, if either part has failed.