Triming data feed between 2 dates

Hi there!! due a temporal malfunction of 18ds20 sensors I have some data that is more elevate than the correct readings and when I display in Graph section I can’t see properly becouse the correct values are very small(60ºC) and error values very big (9999ºC)(auto scale function of graph)
can I delete this feeds from my database between dates or time ?

I try the “trim” function but this deletes from the beginings till the indicated date…
and it doesn’t seem to work ok…)

thanks in advance!!

Is it a local install?

Whilst there is no current method to do this on par with the trim function, there is the post-process module that could possibly “remove spikes”.

Or if this is not an emonPi/emonBase (ie using buffered-write) and there are only a couple of errors, then you maybe able to edit those few points manually.

This best fix moving forward is too either sanitise the data using processes like “skip if over 80” or even better, stop the source of the data from posting obviously out of range data.

If you are only concerned about being able to see the valid data better, then a quick fix to view the data already contaminated with spikes could be to “fix” the vertical scale to say 80 or 100 degs so that your valid data is displayed at a better resolution and the invalid spikes are pushed off the top of the chart.


In fact, if you are running the latest emoncms code. I think you can “block edit” or replace a block of values with nulls (effectively delete)

But be aware of some quirks I experienced prior to the latest changes, but I’ve not had time to confirm if those “quirks” were fixed or not. (Unearthed a quirk with editrealtimedata timestamps)

Exactly, if you use the FINA engine, you can zoom the editrealtime visualization, zoom on the zone and replace erronous value by NAN
dont use the red “suppress data” button but the bottom algorithm (multiply data in the window by a float or a fraction and type NAN…
be aware you have to carefully adjust the window range before :slight_smile:


ok thanks! a lot!!

Many thanks @alexandrecuer, great description of how to trim the data feed. However, after I trimmed the data feed, the feed size remain unchanged and no storage space appears freed up. How can I reduce the feed storage size?