Timestamp issue with data uploaded to emocms.org

Seeing something weird with my emoncms.org data since 09:30 on the 18th May. First noticed that the mysolarpv app wasn’t updating. Looking at my inputs on emoncms.org I can see that data for nodes 5, 9 and 10 (emopi and 2x emontx) has the “last updated” column giving a strange number (e.g just now was -1480062840s ahead). Lats updated times for nodes 19, 20, 21 and 22 for my emonTH’s look OK and I can access the data in emoncms.org. All the data on emoncms (low write v8.5) on the emonPi look fine. The emonhub log shows the data being sent to emoncms.org for all nodes with consistent timestamps. Any ideas?


Perhaps a need for emoncms.org admin help…
See Emoncms.org posting stopped working with strange results

That might need @TrystanLea’s input

Thanks iov - looks like that was the same problem as I have. I’ll wait for Trystan to resolve.



@jez should be working again now for you, let me know if its all ok.

Trystan - yep all working fine now - thanks