Emoncms.org posting stopped working with strange results


I’m using emoncms version 8.4.0, bufferedwrite:0.0.2 on my Pi - I have been using for several years and am happy with it so don’t really want to start messing with later versions. Anyway I have just noticed that data being sent to emoncms.org (from looking at the graphs) seems to have stopped at 17:19hrs on 13/02/17 from one of my nodes and 22:30hrs on 12/02/17 from the second of my nodes. On my emoncms.org input page it shows the first node with a last update like so:

and my other node reports -5.1days as last update.

Everything seems to be working correctly for my local emoncms - although my local feed sizes are reported as 0.0kb.
However, all the data for the last 3 years seems to be there - I can download and look at my last 3 years of data.

Can’t see why emoncms.org isn’t getting my data - I have checked apikey is set correctly etc.

Thanks for any help.

May not be relevant but… I have seen this caused by improperly formed send of data to emoncms.org. A post is sent with incorrect timestamp, this then sees emoncms.org remember this timestamp. When posts return to using correct timestamps they are ignored as emoncms.org does not permit a large difference in timestamps. Sadly, I threw away the feed.

I too am interested to see how this can be fixed.

Hmmm… that could be relevant.

I just created a new emoncms.org account and posted the data to that account and it works just fine. Difficult for me to see how the timestamp from my Pi could be 158 years out though - it’s a lot of seconds is: -1484254143s ahead. Will be a shame to throw away 3 years worth of data though! Could I download the good data and then upload it again to my new emoncms.org account?

@hendersoniain could you check your account again now? hopefully it should now be clear.

Hi Trystan,

Thanks. Inputs look good now and so do some of the feeds. However, looking at my Power to kWh/d feeds the values are still strange:

I’m assuming as it is a Power to kWh/d calculation it will maybe sort itself out at the end of the day?

What was the problem?

Yep Power to kWh/d sorted themselves out at midnight.


This problem has come back again as described above. Timestamp miles out and not updating on my emoncms.org account. Create a new account and it all works fine.

@TrystanLea: You did something with emoncms.org back in March to make it work - any chance you could fix it again?


Hello @hendersoniain sorry I meant to reply, I cleared the issue earlier in the week, did you see your inputs continue to update ok?

Hi, thanks but emoncms.org doesn’t seem to be updating - showing about minus 1.5 billion seconds behind and values not updating. However, I have gone away for christmas so i cant check at the moment if my pi is still running etc. - we get a few power cuts around our way so this is a possibility. I’ll check when I get back home again.

Hi, back home now. Still have the huge time difference. However, if I delete the feed it comes back without the time difference:

However, I then need to recreate my feeds (not really a problem) but if I use the same feeds as before and use a function like power to kWh/d:

then I get some strange results in the feed (large negative value):

Has this time difference problem come about because of something my end?

hi @TrystanLea,

i must have accidentally sent wrong timestamps to my inputs, and now i am facing the same issues with inputs „last updated“ „-1516958603014s ahead“ etc.

feedID is 27813 … and many other inputs that i feed from the same routine on node-red on my RPi.

thanks for resolving the issue(s)!
kind regards, werrner

I have the same issue for several inputs… Could you also fix my account please (user id 3927)?

Could you please unblock my feeds or give me a procedure to fix them?
The feeds are 52688, 152242, 53196, 56646, 152265, 146073, 200560, 200561…

@TrystanLea doesn’t automatically see every post in the forum. You need mention his name like this, then the system notifies him.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve cleared the input limiters, please check again now.

Solved! Thank you!
Is there anything we can do to avoid this kind of issue (caused here by a bug with the node-red emoncms node) when doing some tests?

Mine is all good now as well. Thanks.

I have added a number of checks for this case, that will hopefully reset the limiters automatically next time.

@TrystanLea not sure if my problem is covered by this thread but perhaps first question might be is your server OK?

I monitor the dashboard for a friend and my own dashboard. Both stopped updating around 43 hours ago.

@TrystanLea just entered day 3 without any feed updates on your server.