Temperature sensor address search not working, how to debug? New to arduino but not programming

My dad’s friend ordered this stuff in 2013 but i think the programming side was too much for him so it got shelved.

Now i’m trying to set it up for him

We have

  • emonTx kit (V2_433)
  • NanodeRF SMT (NRF_433)
  • emonGLCD kit (GLCD_433)
  • a bunch of sensors and stuff

I have so far set up the arduino ide and got some simple stuff to run on the emonTx so that’s fine.

What i’m looking for now is to test one of the temperature sensors. I think the sensor is addressed by a specific hardware address that you have to search for, is that right?

I found this

and trying to run it with or without the temp sensor plugged in it just says “waiting 6 seconds before printing”

So clearly something is getting stuck but i don’t see an error message or anything so it’s time to debug i guess but… how should i approach this? Debugging arduino isn’t like anything i’ve done before. Please point me in the right direction


Are you using an Arduino or your emonTx V2? And which version of V2 is it - V2.2 or V2.5
(And for the record, which versions of Nanode and GLCD?)

If it’s an emonTx, the sensor connections are here in ‘Learn’. That sketch should work provided the sensor answers, so make sure you’ve got the connections to the jack plug correct.

You could print numberOfDevices to see how many it thinks it can see. That’s pretty much all you can do, apart from checking the sensor is getting 5 V.

That’s true of the older emonTx V2 sketches, and then you must hard-code that address into the working energy-monitoring sketch. But there’s nothing to stop you from splicing in the later V3 code that doesn’t require specific addresses.

Here’s my crib sheet for things that need to be changed between the various versions.emonTx IO-all .html.txt (5.0 KB)
It’s actually an HTML file, just rename it. Almost every present sketch will work on the V2 with only minor modification - after the I/O pin changes, DIP switches and the radio are the main ones hardware-wise. Using this crib will mean you’re not restricted to the old sketches - in fact I used a V2 when checking timing on the 3-phase PLL sketch, simply because it offered easy access to a lot of digital I/O that I could hang a 'scope on.

Hey thanks for your reply,

Using the emonTx, version 2.2

Thanks for all the infos, i’m sure i’ll be able to make some headway now

Until next time