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Emontx v2 + nanodeRF posting directly to emoncms

Following on from Temperature sensor address search not working, how to debug? New to arduino but not programming and Rf12_crc failing but rf12demo works flawlessly?

I have an emontx v2.2, a nanodeRF and an emonGLCD

I want to set up posting data to a remonte emoncms hosted on emoncms dot org from the nanodeRF

I don’t think i want a local emoncms running… i don’t have any dedicated hardware for hosting the server so unless it’s absolutely mandatory i don’t really want to have to run a server on a general purpose desktop machine.

Questions: is this possible? Can someone point me in the right direction for getting started?

I’m sorry if this is very vague. All the documentation i have found so far assumes i have different hardware like emonPI and emonBase and so on.

Hi. It took a while to find, but here it is.

With the settings tweaked it should work alright.


If you did go for a local server, you don’t need a desktop machine, a raspberry Pi (with RFM69pi module and SD card loaded with emonSD image) would do. Or grab an emonBase and much of the setup is done for you.


A side thought; the nanodeRF could be given MQTT functionality, it’d take time to integrate the libraries, not really necessary but could make for an interesting project, if you’re interested in such things:



Thanks! I’m sure i’ll have more questions to come but this should be enough to get something going :slight_smile:

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