Tasmota integration with EmonCMS Input REST API

Raised this idea on Tasmota project.

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It appears the chances of that happening are not too good, unfortunately. Viz:

Https is unlikely to be supported on Esp8266 due to the limited capacities of the processor
http can already be performed with Websend command.
Have you tried it?

Another user commented:
Since MQTT support seems to exist for EmonCMS, this would be the better method for connecting.

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TBH I agree. I send my data to NR to process and set the timestamp in the right format before sending on to EmonCMS both via MQTT. I could do this by using Tasmota rules probably rather than NR.

It also means I can pick up the data as ‘sensor’ data in HA direct from Tasmota.

For those interested, i’ve archived the objective.
Running on a Hiking DDS238-2 WIFI with the firmware updated to Tasmota or higher :


Basic settings:

{“NAME”:“Hiking DDS238-2 WIFI”,“GPIO”:[0,2272,0,2304,0,0,0,0,0,0,320,0,32,0],“FLAG”:0,“BASE”:54}

Backlog TuyaMCU 33,20; TuyaMCU 32,18; TuyaMCU 31,19;  TuyaMCU 37,101;
Backlog SetOption72 1; VoltRes 1; WattRes 1;

  ON System#Init DO backlog tuyasend1 1,1; RuleTimer1 5 ENDON 
  ON Rules#Timer=1 DO backlog TuyaSend8; RuleTimer1 5 ENDON

ON energy#power DO Var3 %value% ENDON
ON energy#voltage DO Var1 %value% ENDON
ON energy#total DO Var4 %value% ENDON
ON energy#apparentpower DO Var5 %value% ENDON
ON energy#reactivepower DO Var6 %value% ENDON
ON energy#Factor DO Var7 %value% ENDON
ON energy#Today DO Var8 %value% ENDON
ON energy#Yesterday DO Var9 %value% ENDON
ON energy#current DO Var2 %value% ENDON
ON Wifi#Connected DO backlog buzzer 2,1,1; RuleTimer2 5 ENDON 
ON Wifi#Disconnected DO backlog buzzer 1,3,1; RuleTimer2 0 ENDON 
ON Rules#Timer=2 DO backlog event SENDEMON; RuleTimer2 5 ENDON
ON event#SENDEMON DO WEBSEND [emon.server.com:80] /input/post.json?node=PowemeterLago&json={P:%Var3%,I:%Var2%,V:%Var1%,S:%Var5%,Q:%Var6%,Pf:%Var7%,Total:%Var4%,Today:%Var8%,Yesterday:%Var9%}&devicekey=YOURKEY ENDON

Backlog Rule1 1; Rule2 1;

restart 1

Advanced settings:

This resets the Today, Yesterday and Total kWh counter to the hardware value (cant reset the total hardware value);
Backlog EnergyReset1 0; EnergyReset2 0; EnergyReset3 0

Disables send state and sensor message interval (s):
TelePeriod 0

Security options:

WebPassword new_password
WifiConfig 4

Update rule 1 to disable the power off of the main relay, so that it’s not possible to shutdown the building power by accident:

  ON System#Init DO backlog PowerOnState 4; tuyasend1 1,1; RuleTimer1 5; ENDON 
  ON Rules#Timer=1 DO backlog TuyaSend8; RuleTimer1 5 ENDON

Add a Buzzer to GPIO15

{“NAME”:“Hiking DDS238-2 WIFI”,“GPIO”:[0,2272,0,2304,0,0,0,0,0,0,320,480,32,0],“FLAG”:0,“BASE”:54}

Triger buzzer when current is higher that 20A:

  ON energy#current>20 DO buzzer -1,1,30 ENDON
  ON energy#current<20 DO buzzer 2,1,1 ENDON

Backlog Rule3 1; Rule3 5;