Sunny Boy inverters for sale

Ive updated Glyn and everythings running ok, what happens thou if i click on the update link within the admin page?

Solar PV is obsessive, you’ll end up putting them on every possible roof space available! I have the inverter on eBay if your interested there SMA inverters?


@Dave shame I will only have room for about 1.2Kw on the garage - 4 or 5 panels tops so 3Kw inverter is overboard for me.

What have you replaced them with?

Bloody SB3600TL-21!!! I needed G59/3 for my G59 agreement!

These inverters are only a G59/2 compliant and my DNO were insistent on having the current G59/3 compliant inverters installed, cost me a shed load of money as I bought these not realizing the third amendment to the conformity and I was just looking at the G59 compliance at the time. I tell you what a hoo har that was applying for that!


I’d have thought a firmware update would have fixed that - what a pain

Ironically you can setup the G59 parameters within the inverters so they are compliant but UKPN refused to accept them as the inverter hasn’t been put through the certification process, which costs money so SMA wont go through that process as they have been superseded by the -21 model.
The next hoo har for everybody will be the battery boom as you’ll exceed the 4Kw limit and everyone will have to go down the G59 process to install the battery units, hopefully they will all be G59/3 compliant but I know that when I was looking to buy my inverters at the time there was only two models on the market, even thou the amendment had been in force for over a year…


Hi Dave

I have a Sunny Boy SB 1.5 with 1.5k of panels. I intend to fit a second set as well bringing me up to 3k. Finally I would like to add a battery. I am curious about your comment that battery will take you over 4k.
I assumed the battery would not affect the rating of the solar generation.


Hi Ian
The battery will not affect the solar generation as it charges and discharges but when your total onsite generation will exceed the G83 3.68kW limit, your installer will have to go through the G59 application for you when you go over that limit.
As I installed my panels myself, I also had to do all of the paperwork myself.
PS You will also not receive any any FIT for the extra panels you install as the government stopped the “extension” of existing FIT eligible systems.

Please see guide >> 3_G83 Multiple Full June 2014 v2.pdf (2.1 MB)