STM32 Development

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I’ve been helping @TrystanLea with the RFM69 side of things. I’ve made some good progress, with special thanks to @dBC for help over pm.

I’ve written a guide to the implementation which can be found here:


This is compatible with LowPowerLab radio packets. I’ve looked at JeeLib packets and think I have a good understanding of the main differences, yet can’t quite get it working. So there’s something I’m missing there. For the ‘jeecompat’ project, I have a github branch here.

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I’ve brought together the emon3CT and RFM69 code here:

For the TxShield, it might be worthwhile developing a bit-banging SPI approach to accessing the RFM69 module.

If testing the emon3CT sketch on a TxShield, only CT2 and CT4 are available.

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Just a heads up to anyone who might have cloned my 1-wire uart off-load example above (@TrystanLea @danbates): you get better results if you enable “Single Sample” on the uart(s) involved:

When I get a chance I’ll write up a spiel on why - complete with scope traces, and I’ll freshen the tar file with that and a few other features.