Someone interested in a bulk order ESP32 Controller V4.4?


I need a second controller.
Unfortunately minimum 5 controller have to be ordered.
I have a cpl file which contains all parts.
And the controller could be ordered completely soldered.
( I do not want to solder anything. Its cheap with JLC.
And when I compare the time I need… economical nonsens. )
Exept the part “unused header” and the 3 pin header in the left upper sector.
Both are not used for my purposes.

So if there are some guys in who also need a controller.
I would order 5 and could give 4 away.
For manufacturing cost ( Expect around 50€ ) plus shipping.

Best Regards

@JoshyJS I am keen on a Controller as I have the same issue, minimum order of 5, can you confrim are you saying each controller would be 50euro or the whole order of 5 is 50euro and you would pro rata the cost out ?,

Rolf Bartels hört sich schwer deutsch an.

Nein. Jedes fertig bestückte Board kostet all in all mit Weiterversand etwa 50€.
Was fehlt ist die RGB LED. Und den unused Header und den 3 pol Header habe ich nicht verbaut.
5 Stück kosten komplett etwa 200€.
Dann muss ich in Deutschland noch verpacken und weiter schicken.
Also gut 50€ all in all.

Die LED kostet nur ein paar Cent.
Dooferweise hat die nur ein Shop in Polen.
Der 15€ Versand haben will…

Hey Joshy,

Yes my family is German, we live in South Africa, unfortunatly I was never taught to speak it, but I can understand German, but South Africa german is slighty diffrent to the Hochdeutch in German which makes it harder to understand.

I am still interested , you would need to find out the cost to send to South Africa registered Airmail.
You don’t by any change had a shund board as well ?


Ah OK. No problem. I´m from time to time in Namibia.
And along the coastline in the north German is also spoken.
A little old fashioned. But however…

I will be on holiday till end of August.
And at first I wanted to know if there is someonhe who needs a board or two.
I only need one. And I do not want to solder to much.
If I would take the board only with the SMD parts the board costs about 25€.
But If you want to have all the relays, terminals, pinheader etc. its about 40€.
And I need the shipping and packing costs.

Be so kind and give me your adress.
I will figure out what is possible to do.

And sorry. I have no shund. No need for.
I do not want to cut off the system and my Inverter measures the voltage and current.

In the moment I have no economical solution to sent to SA.
Maybe I find one who takes it with him to Joburg.

Hi Joshy,
I have an option for shipping if you can ship it to Frankfurt, I have a forwarding compnay there
I will Private message you

Hi Rolf.

From time to time I´m in Frankfurt. At the airport.
But I will be on holiday till end of August.

Early enough?

Best Regards

Yes I am not is a hurry

Hi Joshy,
I am also from South Africa and I am also interested in getting a unit. Maybe we can do together? I mean with Rolf

Hi Rolf
I am also in RSA and if possible I would like to get one too. Maybe we can work together on this?

Hey Marius, Yes not probelm, I have an amorex global shopper account, Joshy will be sending it from GER to my Frankfurt address, currently it looks like it’s going to be about R400 shipping. and we can just split that. @JoshyJS So we’ll be looking for 2 units then

That’s good with me. I will PM you. Just waiting for @JoshyJS to reply

OK you both.
Now it makes sense to Order.
The only things what will be missing:

  • unused header ( you dont need according stuart )
  • 3 pin header in the upper left area
  • in the moment the RGB LED is not in stock

Due to I will be on holiday till end of August I will order in a manner that it arrives when I´m back.

What you need to order on your own:

  • a display if needed
  • the ESP32 board

The parts are only to stick in.

Best Regards,


@JoshyJS yip that works for me

Sorry for intruding, Joshy, but if possible I’d love to jump into this wagon and get two controller boards for myself if there’s still room available. I’m in Italy, so forwarding / shipping shouldn’t be much of a problem.
I’m not in a hurry, but joining a group order would save me a possible huge headache :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

Hi Paolo.

Works. We’re are you located?
Where in Italy?

Best Regards

Hi, I’m also keen, ideally 2 boards, though sounds like the spares are already taken? I’m in New Zealand.

Joshy: use the zipcode 13100 (town is Vercelli)


Any Idea to get it economical to New Zealand?
I looked for SA.
But found nothing below 45€.

That works for me as well thanks