Some feeds not updating after upgrading 8.4.0 -> 9.6.0

So, I upgraded from a working V8.4.0 installation to V9.6.0 using git, following the instructions.
It’s all good, except that some (not all) of the feeds from one node are not updating.
The inputs are all updating correctly, but not the feeds.

I looked back across the old forum and the only suggestion seemed to be to ensure date.timezone in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini is uncommented and set to the correct timezone: it is.

Can anyone suggest a cure?


So what’s unique about the feeds that are not updating?
The usual timezone issue is not setting it correctly in ‘My Account > Timezone’ when upgrading from v8.x to v9.x


Ah THAT timezone setting!
Yes, many thanks Paul, that has fixed it.
I knew it would be something obvious and staring me full in the face.

This should probably be added to the upgrade instructions.