Send Email setup


Apologies if I’ve missed the blindiingly obvious. I’d sometimes like to use Send Email when processing an input but I can’t find the documentation on how/where to set my email username and password in order for this to work. I presume there’s a file to be modified but which one?

Is there documentation for this?

Thanks a lot,

I have found this:

Hi Colm

The outgoing email server account settings are set in emoncms/settings.php, if using a gmail account you will also need to allow low security access at your gmail account settings.

The recipients email address is the account user’s details (for the first user at least)

Thanks Celso, however that is for outgoing emailreports which is slightly different, it does however use the same outgoing email server details when installed locally (but not when it’s and the recipient email addresses (up to 5) are held in the emailreport module settings, so not shared with the input processing.


Thanks very much Paul. I figured that’s probably where it was but it’s good have confirmation. Thanks for the tip re. the gmail security.