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Search on the Guide

Hi Glyn, Is there a search function that can be enabled for the Guide please?

No not yet, but I can try and add one. I’ll add it on the to do list. Site is open source on git hub if anyone has an idea of how best this could be done

@glyn.hudson if the guide is being served via Cloudflare, have you tried Swiftype (from Cloudflare’s Apps section in the dashboard) as a search solution.

The basic search is I understand a free function offered through Cloudflare, but some of the functionality is limited.
NOTE, there’s a bug in it at the moment; if you enable Swiftype in your Cloudflare dashboard, and then select ‘Log into the App’ button, you will see that it try’s (and fails!) to open a URL in your browser -
For some reason it’s repeating .com in the URL, but if you quickly copy the full URL, delete one of the .com’s then it loads OK.


Nice! Thanks Paul. Just quickly tested and it seems I have been unable to add sub domains e.g guide, blog etc to the search. I have opened a support ticket with swifttype. It should be possible.

Update: it looks like swiftype are dropping CF support:

I will continue to pursue as it seems like a nice platform , however this is a shame. It would explain the URL issue you pointed out.

Update #2: Just seen their prices, out of the question. $600/month for cross domain search…must be joking!

Am I missing something but the Jekyll website has this suggesting solutions for both a client side and google custom search?

I’ve had similar support messages back from Cloudflare today, who are aware of the issue, and trying to find a resolution… it appears that Swiftype is one in a long list of search apps that Cloudflare has used over the years.
Agree, the paid for versions are silly money…


Search (using) Google has been added to the guide and the blog at bottom. Search box could do with some theming but at least it’s working for now

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