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SD card durability: Industrial SLC NAND SD cards?

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What you’re describing is termed wear leveling.
SD cards with wear leveling are now fairly common.

If the card has WL, then the answer to both questions is yes.

Info on Western Digital Purple SD cards:

From the link shown above:

Designed and tested to withstand 24/7 continuous write workloads, meet data retention requirements, and accommodate harsh environmental conditions, the industrial SD and microSD cards and WD Purple microSD cards are ideal for low footprint, local storage at the surveillance edge, working in concert with other Western Digital solutions in on-premises DVRs and NVRs, in near-edge cloud servers and in back-end cloud data centers.

12 USD for a 64 GB µSD card.

Sounds like this puppy is just the ticket. Price is £18.49 for a 64 GB µSD card.
UK supplier:

Some interesting info on wear leveling:

Thank you. I assume the wear levelling algorithm runs directly on the SD card itself, and not on an external (i.e. on the Pi) controller?

(Which means the WD SD card is so much more than just 512 billion on/off switches)

I note also the WD SD card on Amazon makes no mention of wear levelling - so buyers may need to dig deeper. More discussion here: (which also answers my question above)


The card on the Amazon page is the WD Purple, which does employ wear leveling.
That’s why I posted the link to WD’s product info page.

On that page:
Advanced firmware memory management features, including power immunity, auto/manual refresh, ECC, and wear-leveling

Ordered one and will give it a try, not having much luck with my ordinary Sandisk sd card right now…

Was cheaper from Western Digital themselves than Amazon (but watch out for £6 postage on top).