Screen layout

What do you think about moving the voltage and reading stats to the left side of the web page, instead of across the top?

Looks nice Stuart.
Maybe it will be better readable for mobile devices as well?
Sorry if it is already implemented but what about different colors for the values like Batrium?


I’m not trying to produce a clone of Batrium, is there anything in particular that would be better colour?

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Sorry, I wouldn’t want you to copy Batrium. My english is not the best.
I just had an idea to mark the important values in other color than the not so important.
E.g. total voltage for the packs in different color reflected in the bars as well.
Ranges the same.
And Packets/roundtrip time is not so important.
Maybe with bold and/or different brightness of the blue color is enough?
Just some thoughts but to be hoest: It is great as it is anyway! :wink:


I’d say the revamped web UI looks great. A couple feedback items:

  • Try to keep the status page (or Home as you name it) readable as a single page (no scrolling needed) and automatically scale the page to fit the device so it is usable from a mobile device (likely in landscape mode rather than portrait).
  • Can you delineate the “packs” in the graph somehow? It looks like you have two 4s banks in the graph pictured based on Range 1 and Range 2 on the side, which it looks like you have some major balancing to do :slight_smile:
  • If delineating the banks is not possible in the graphs, perhaps consider giving each pack it’s own color?

Thanks Mike.

The new code also now supports up to 100 modules in configurations from 32S to 16P which opens up a lot more options for hardware builders.

Color is simple enough, something like this so the eye can break the boundary between packs?

Something like that, I was thinking each “pack” could have it’s own color or some other visual delineation between the packs.

I don’t think I can split the graph using eCharts to seperate each pack, long term it may be better to have a seperate graph per pack - as you could now have 16 banks. The ESP32 should be able to support 256 packs so that’s a lot on a single graph.

Picking 16 colours that look good together for a different color per pack is always hard work!

Perhaps if you split the chart to have one per pack it may be good to allow labeling (naming?) of the packs and/or modules. One case of naming would be for packs created via which allows assigning a name to each pack (and battery for that matter) for ease of identification.

I’ve found a way to add a vertical line to seperate each bank, and also tried different colours per bank - not sure on that one.

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Looks a bit crazy when configured for 96 modules, still impressive what the little ESP8266 can do.

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Yeah 96 modules does look kinda funny… But it is amazing that the chart and hardware could generate that :slight_smile:

The chart software is amazing, perhaps I could use the 3D bar graph instead!


I can see the 3D graph being good for showing trends. Have you thought about data storage options to show say 30 days of collected metrics (perhaps once every 30min or 60min so you can reduce the storage needs).

This may be more of an esp32 feature since you would likely want to shift to storing this collected data on an SD card instead of in SPIFFS/LittleFS. SD works well on pins 2 (MISO), 13 (CS), 14 (CLK), 15 (MOSI). You can add a footprint to the PCB for an external SD module (3v3,CS,MOSI,CLK,MISO,GND) or a footprint for a microSD SMD slot.

The TFT display I’m using has a SD card slot built in, so going to try that.

That may only be available for a firmware update on the TFT, I’m not certain.

Which TFT are you using?

It’s got a separate header pins for the SD card, so should be okay

This one…

Be careful as there are two variants on this screen, one with touch and the other without. I ordered a few on AliExpress and they came in as non-touch. I ordered a few ADS7843E and have been putting off dealing with them since I’m not fond of hand soldering a bunch of SSOP-16 (0.635mm pitch) ICs. I may opt for hot air and paste on them.

It may make sense to make the touch part optional and when disabled have all info on the “main” page with possibly a rotate between pages if needed.