Samsung Air Source Heat Pump Installation with monitoring

I recently installed a Samsung ASHP in my house which obviously has lots of monitoring :smiley:

I made a video documenting the process:

Here’s an overview of the various options for HP monitoring:

I used the OpenEnergyMonitor heatlossjs tool that Trystan made to perform the heatloss calculation and radiator sizing

Since getting the HP installed I’ve been able to read data from it via modbus which means that Samsung heatpumps can now be fully monitored without the need for expensive heat meters:

To my knowledge this is the only HP we’ve been able to get data from easily. I would recommend a Samsung HP if you’re interested in this sort of stuff. I’m also getting good performance, COP of 4.2-4.7 for DHW at the moment.

Good video, well done!

It’s a shame that the modbus module goes into the outdoor unit rather than the control unit as it’s much harder to retrofit nicely now all our wiring/piping is in and watertight.


Agree, it’s a bit awkward to fit. Since you’ll need to run an additional cable into the house. However, the module fits in the wiring hatch near the top of the unit which is well away from all the pipework.

Congrats, Glyn, great video and really nice install - not least getting that thing up the tower and wall mounted!

Looking forward to seeing more data on this over the winter, and will be interesting to see how your solar and ASHP might work in conjunction together over the coming months.

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