Same Inputs again?

Hello, I have a local working Emoncms on my Pi from with 4 devices.
It looks so:

If I make a reboot, sometimes the Inputs are again listed and the exist (old) inputs didn´t working:

In my Dashboard there are no available values - it´s clear there are no new values → n/a with NULL

But if I scroll down the same Inputs are written and there are the values. It looks so:

Now I have to set all Inputs again to exist Feeds in the process list setup, then my values works and also the dashboard.

I use the programs Solpiplog. This sends the values with Input name to Emoncms. I never changed the Input name or something.

Who can explain me, why whis happens?

Hello @Ulf Your first example shows two different node names 5048MK1 and 5048MK2 do you know why these node names are different?

Hello. So sorry but I have 2 inverters. First is oK.

The regular name was 5048MK2 and is 5048MK2 but I have the Same Inputs you can See in same name.

Hello @Ulf I cant quite see what you mean from the screenshots, image 1 and 2 show different nodes and the 3rd shows inputs with different names? Im probably missing what you are seeing there?

This is a very old bug that used to happen to me occasionally.
If you delete the new instances of inputs, the old ones will start to work again, though you will have lost data in the meantime.
I can’t remember what the actual issue was, but updating your installation of EmonCMS should fix it.

It looks like it might be worse currently - the errors below are using the HTTP API.

That’s not good. I can’t remember which inputs stopped on mine, I suspect it was only the radio transmissions via EmonHub.
That said, I now have dozens of http inputs from my house battery setup. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on them when I reboot next.