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Running a heat pump

Hi all,

I’ve just had a heat pump (12kw Midea unit) installed. Over the summer I didn’t really do anything, no need for heating and it only did hot water. We have Solar (8.4kw) and batteries (14.2kwh), so it was free to run.

Now we are getting into the winter, the heating is now on and I am interesting in better monitoring and control of the unit. Currently its just controlled via a Nest thermostat.

I would be really grateful for some recommendations on where to start as I want to get things moving before we get into the depths of winter.


Hello @oatspie sounds like a great setup! Have you seen our page on heat pump monitoring here Heat Pump Monitoring - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor it discusses a number of different options that might be of interest. Does the Midea itself provide any data output options?

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Yes it has a tonne of information on the controller. But I can’t get the information out without manually loading up the screen. Eventually I’d like to build a proper controller as it’s being run from a nest at the moment and that means it’s not being very efficient. Lots of start ups.

I did take a look and I was thinking of going down the pi route. It’s just I haven’t built a system like this, so wanted to check with people before i pull the trigger. My aim would be to use the Pi as a charge controller on my Sofar ME3000SP to control the batteries, control the heat pump, monitor the heat pump and probably as a pi hole on my home network. Which is quite a few jobs!!

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Hi @oatspie,
I am working on controlling several systems and a Raspberry is a good option.
You will find problems to access the equipment that you want to measure and control, so first you have to see how you are going to communicate with them. If these devices use MODBUS, the serial port, relays … This is the essential first step
Once you have the way to communicate you must study what hardware accessories you need in your Raspberri
Regarding the control logic I advise you to use Node-RED and MQTT. The Open Energy Monitor products that use the EmonESP or EmonCMS (emonpi) software integrate MQTT with what you have a great number of possibilities

Excuse my English
I hope I’ve helped

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can you recommend the best place to start. Ideally I don’t want to cut into any pipes yet. But everything is all located in the same place (except the hot water cylinder, which is in the loft).

On the practical side of what to monitor. Its good to draw a rough sketch of the layout. I suggest reading the flow and return pipes from the heat pump and if you have any complexity in the system like a low loss header or mixing valve anywhere, the flow and return to the emitter. Its always worth keeping an eye on the amount of power used when then its not actually heating.

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