Resetting emonBase wifi

Hi all,

I’ve moved my emonBase from my home to another location so need to connect to a new wifi network but I can’t for the life of me work out how to reset the wifi on it. Any pointers?

Also… I took the base apart to see if there were any boot buttons elsewhere but couldn’t spot anything and in doing so took the wifi card off without noting what pins it was attached to. I’ve reconnected it to the leftmost pins. Is that correct?


Your RFM card is most likely in the WRONG place. It depends on which is “left”.

Depending on whether it is an old or new module, it goes either part-way along or right at the corner furthest from the Ethernet socket.

The original:

The new:

To reset your WiFi, my crib notes say:
Reset / reconnect emonPi to a different network: To force an EmonPi back into AP mode, go into ‘WiFi’ from settings and deselect the currently selected WLAN. Click on save and then refresh. You will still have access to the emoncms instance. Navigate to the admin menu and click reboot. The EmonPi will now come up in AP mode (as no network is configured).
Force the Emonpi to AP-mode - #4 by borpin