Repairing Sun 1000GTIL2 or 2000GTIL2

Do you realise the potential danger to someone who fails to realise that you are referring to a very low-powered generator, that might not pose a serious danger provided they also heed your caution? You need to learn that not everyone reading these pages knows and appreciates enough about electricity to appreciate all the dangers it poses.

You hint at an alternative method, but you give no details of what to do. I suggest you amend your post so that your advice meets safety standards we expect on this website.

if you read to the end you would have seen this, “or just short between 3 inputs on the inverter. dont do it when the wind is high, just enough breeze to spin the turbine.Maybe get a multimeter”. I am aware as should anyone dealing with such things should be that electricity is dangerous also that a mill rated at 90 volts could well develop a couple of hundred which though uncomfortable is rarely lethal. Any one who touches bare leads is asking for trouble I also suggest getting a multi meter. Perhaps a warning at the top of the page would help, there are various posts suggesting how to replace rectifyers and I assume you have told the writers to sugggest the reader unplug the inverter first?

yes it usually either a 2 pole or 3 pole breaker that connects all the phases together when the breaker is closed .

I bought a three phase switch and joined one side together as in option one but I like the option two, never thought of that. do you not worry about possible 2 kw going throught the windings in genny?, I usually switch off inverter if wind gets too high and let the shunt take the strain, when it slows to a more sensible speed I close the three phase switch. Also found I had to add to the shunt as not strong enough to slow it on occasion, found some nichrome wire and wound it round some plaster board, put it in parallel. helps a lot and stops the original resistor getting hot enough to start a fire.

I have factory wind gen controller that are directly from the manufacture . that are for 2-5kw turbines . they all used the same type manual brake. the rotation is so slow that it never produce 2 kw maybe 500 watts at worst . other then the momentary surge when the brake first enabled . and once the brake is on it just becomes a wall to the wind and the turbine furls much sooner and can not get to power and only turns at about 60 - 120 rpm at most . it also what is recommended to do if wind is expected to be higher then 12/m/s enable the manual brake. to prevent destruction of turbine from over speed . also my wind controller has relays that do the same . if the battery bank or any portion of the controller fails it drops relays that short the winding.- the shunt on the controller is only really used if the batteries are reaching full or full and it shunting the charge to prevent over charge the winding will handle the high amp and very low volt out put . I’ve had my turbines for over 9 years never caused issues and have had my breaks on for months at a time when inverters have burnt out and it took me a while to repair them

I take it you are off grid, I use grid tie and no batteries so things are a bit different and with grid tie the dump load quite often kicks in on my commercial 2kw but rarely on my home build 1kw. I have in the past burned out a few stators trying to slow 1 kw down in in unexpected gales. I eventually made a mechanical brake for it and use both but still feel its better to switch off inverters first which slows the turbines through dump resistors then use electric brake. probably not practical for commercial and that one doesnt furl, but home build is based on wheel bearing with two discs so easy to do.

actual I rewired my wind controller from battery to grid tie. and then built a custom controller based on its original design… but instead of breakers I use larger relays. that way I can switch to dumping into a battery ( if the grid goes out) or as electric brake in high winds . I use my prediction software for wind/solar ( or just wind on my github page) that looks at projected wind speeds ( and from live from weewx device) and automatically pre brakes my wind turbine before events happen and needs no human input ( you can have pulse trigger the relay and slow it down more gradually if you want ) … my entire energy monitoring, and AI system runs off a single low power openwrt router ( <5w)

Dear Radoslaw.
There is a very simple answer to your problem. The wind turbine is getting stalled just on the edge of working point. the only thing which you can try is to get it working on maximum/nominal voltage but I would not expect a lot.
I did try the same setup, and in very high winds I have seen max 20-50W output at 45V. did not try 96V as the inverter could not take that.

Then I bought horizontal 2kw 48v and now I have other issues :slight_smile:
Wesolych swiat !

thats impressive, way above my paygrade. my setup is very basic just turbines and the grid tie inverters acting as control, have got some old forktruck batteries that are way past there best and can switch to powering them if powercut but hardly ever used these days since they clearfelled the forest that brought down the power lines. I have wondered about using batteries as dumpload from inverter since + and - output with I suppose a diode in between to stop reverseflow.

Hi Stephen. Thanks for all the tips - I actually made some tests including disconneting the turbine from the inverter and measuring voltage or connecting one phase to a 49W lightbulb and measurung voltage and amperage with a meter.

the conclusions I have are that the turbine real power is much lower than what the seller stated. I will probably return the turbine as aliexpress agreed the the turbine doesn’t work and allowed me to return the turbine and seller bear all the costs associated with the return.

I just need to perform one more test to be sure that is the case, but I am pretty sure that the results will be the same as with the tests I peformed already.

Hi Art_K. I saw a tiny production when the wind was very strong (10m/s and there were moments when the wind speed was 17-18m/s). I got 10-15W for a minute or so.

That is why I decided to return the turbine as its real parameters are much, much lower than the specification I thought I bought (4kw at rated wind speed of 13m/s). It is not possible that the trubine will reach 400w no matter how strong the wind is. It stalls with 45V which means that the power generated by the turbine is not enough for the inverter to even start working. A simple 40W lightbulb test showed that the turbine was able to get to 90V, but with such volatge it was only able to pass 0.15A. I will get a full refund and try to find something more useful.

Unfortunately I can’t get a HAWT type of turbine, so need to think what might be suitable to me (installed on a roof in an urbanized area)

yeah getting a wind genny not really what it rated from alixprees… I bought a “4kw” once but really was only 2kw. that is the problem of resellers on aliexpress they tend to over exaggerate the product or tricky in their representation if you find something on aliexpress hunt out manufacture on alibaba and get a better representation of what it really is . by example; the generator on my wind gen would of needed 1 foot longer blades after I tracked down the manufacture on alibaba and asked but the one I got was only a 2kw gen based on it blade size . but i think your reseller is using PER DAY measurement . 4000 /24 = 160w it is probably a 200W gen . do not know the size of your gen but by example my 2kw gen has ~11 foot diameter a 4 kw would be ~13foot diameter. i think your blades are ~3 feet at most? and when I look on alibaba this is what the manufacture list as a 5 kw axial gen

You are welcome, something to bear in mind is the inverter will take power to charge capacitors and put a load on the genny a while before it can start delivering power and that slows the genny down for maybe ten or twenty seconds depending on the wind strength so disconecting inverter from genny would let it get up to speed but on connecting would slow the genny down again. but sounds like you would never get much power from it. Try solar?


  • Does anyone have a electrical schematic (diagram) or service manual for 2000GTIL2 (old model - 2017)?
    -Does anyone know if there is any firmware available
    for the control board? (dsPIC33FJ64GS606)

Thank you!