Removing an app that won't load

Bit of background from another topic - I’ve been trying to get a SoC value into the MyBattery app and was playing around with feeds - I added my SoC feed into the app instance and think I deleted the feed whilst tweaking this, which now means the app instance won’t load, and hence I can’t delete it. I’ve created a new instance which is fine, but the old one is still present in my app list and it just sits there spinning and throws an error - this is on the online emonCMS rather than local

Message: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘datastore[name].data[0][0]’)
Route: Modules/app/Lib

Any ideas please?

@TrystanLea controls, he should be able to help.

This has come up before and the solution is presented here

Did you try that?

Based on this earlier post

It appears to be valid for as well…

Brilliant, thanks @Greebo that seemed to do the trick by replacing view? with remove? in the URL :slight_smile: