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Read DSMR P1 i.o. having a CT for mains connection current

Hello ,

In The Netherlands and Belgium we have introduced the “smart meter”. I have one at home. Its specification is called “DSMR”. You can read import and export energy directly from the P1 port. If you can, no need for a CT. It would be cool if emonPI could use that port.

You can find information on it on this website: Data lezen van de P1 poort op de Belgische digitale elektriciteitsmeter | Jensd's I/O buffer

It is all Dutch, but there is a nice video in denglish with a Python script.

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FWIW, if I google for DSMR smart meter, I find multiple English language reports of existing integrations with e.g. Home Assistant, openHAB and Domoticz and Tasmota.

So it seems there should be plenty of information on what is required to do an integration to the P1 serial port. You can also find P1 serial to USB adapter cables on Amazon.

edit: Oh and there’s an English language version of the article the OP mentioned at Read data from the Belgian digital meter through the P1 port | Jensd's I/O buffer

Thank you Dave, I agree, I just had hoped it could be “packaged” the same way emonPI is packaged for PV Solar Divert on OpenEVSE.

Yes, I was just hoping that pointing out extra documentation in English might help persuade somebody to take a stab at packaging it, or help you to do it yourself.