PV diversion > mk2pvrouter: co.uk to com?


It might be that I will look for a PV diversion at my parents place. And ‘Mk2 PV Router’ seems like a good place to start. But now I read at https://mk2pvrouter.co.uk/:

Since January 2023, the Mk2 PV Router project has been operated by new owners who are in France.
This original website has been retained for reference purposes.

I guess the new owners operate from https://mk2pvrouter.com/? It is a website only in French, not in English. But I can’s seem to find any more information about the ‘why’ Robin Emly stopped. Also Diverting surplus PV Power, by Robin Emley — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation still refers to “This new venture of mine is fully described at www.Mk2PVrouter.co.uk where there is a Shop…”

As far as I remember Robin Emly is/was active on this forum. Are the new owners active here? Where is the project heading? Anyone any more background information?

You are correct, Robin has transferred all new business to new owners in France, who I understand have plans to continue and expand the operation. Robin will continue to maintain the reference material at the UK website for the foreseeable future, and I believe he might have a limited stock of spares for repairs - although most parts continue to be available from the original suppliers.

I have not seen any sign of the new owners here, however they do have a good command of English, if you need to contact them (in English). You can still contact Robin by email.

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Indeed so, and my Shop page is still there in a cut-down form. I do still have most parts for Mk2 Router systems and these are available for anyone who needs them. In practice, this opportunity will probably only be of relevance to constructors in the UK.

After my Mk2 Router design was featured in a couple of Youtube videos in French, the rate of orders from France increased to more than I was able to cope with. I needed to wind down this operation and was thankfully able to hand over the business to an enthusiastic young couple in France.

To sell the Mk2 Router in a fully pre-built form, CE marking is required which is a major undertaking. As a step in this direction, the new owners can supply a partially assembled system where the fabrication of the box and all internal wiring has been prepared in advance. Only the circuit boards need to be assembled by the end customer. A fully built version with CE marking is planned for later in the year.