Publishing dashboard on LCD screen

I’m searching for a solution to publish Emoncms data on a public screen (LCD or TV). Has anyone implemented that? Which solution to display Emoncms data in a public place?

Anything that will access your network and display a web page should display your dashboard.

Or is there a hidden question that I have not seen?

The idea is to automatically scroll different dashboards on an LCD or TV screen in the lobby of the company. So all people can see the photovoltaic performance and use and consumption of all electricity.
I was thinking about a dedicated Raspberry PI connected to LCD screen on HDMI and specific application to roll up different dashboards.

A quick google (‘raspberry pi digital signage’) came up with these links…

(Can do multiple ‘slideshow’ of URIs)

This does not constitute a recommendation, just demonstrates that there are systems out there.

All you’d do is create several dashboards and move through them.


I’ve done something like this in the past.

Using an HDMI/LCD and RPi is (IMO) a much better option than a smart TV.

In the interests of mindful energy consumption, the display should be switched off when the office is unoccupied and I struggled to find a smart tv that came on with the previously selected webpage and mode etc. A monitor can be switched on and off by timer and the Pi configured to autostart and display what you want. I also had a movement sensor set up on one display so that the screen jumped to life when people entered the foyer, that has the added benefit of drawing attention to itself when it lights up.

There are (as Brian points out) specific kiosk and signage utilities out there, but at the time I simply autostarted chrome in fullscreen (or kiosk) mode with a default webpage.

My intention was to create a app for the emoncms app module so that I could just point my browser at a single app page on my emoncms server and that particular app page would refresh to a different embedded page each 10s or so, That way the url is fixed and I could remotely control the content by adding and removing dashboard urls from the list in the apps config. I have not yet managed to return to creating the app, one day perhaps?

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