Direct connection EmonPi to local HDMI display

Hi There,

I’m dreaming to read all measurements provided by emonPi in my local HDMI display through a direct connection, can somebody help me how to make it happen please ?


I am not a Raspberry Pi expert, but the first thing I would try is running a browser on the emonPi.
The browser of course is displaying the pages from emonCMS.

This looks as if it might help you: How to build a web kiosk with a Raspberry Pi, some cables, and a TV | by Mike Swartz | Upstatement | Medium

The main obstacle to getting a direct video connection on an emonPi
is the Pi’s HDMI connector is inside the enclosure.

So unless an opening in the enclosure is created, a direct connection isn’t going to be possible.

The emonPi is not geared up for this out of the box, as Bill states the case physically restricts using the hdmi socket and if you remove the emonPi from it’s case (or cut a hole) the emonSD doesn’t have the desktop packages installed, so you will need to install them and the chromium browser to even view emoncms directly on the Pi as Robert suggests.

Once you have over come the above and you are able to view emoncms in a browser on the hdmi connected monitor then there are further options available to you to autostart the browser in full screen on reboot and even disable the keyboard and mouse (if connected) using a kiosk mode, I prefer not to use kiosk mode so that I can navigate various emoncms pages and even escape kiosk mode into the desktop.

See these links

(That last link also explains how to add the desktop packages to the emonSD)