Provided temperature sensor feasibility inside water heater

The relay I have from OEM came with a DS1820 sensor on a cable. The sensor chip itself is in shrink wrap. It’s not very reassuring, so I thought it’s best to ask if the sensor and the cable is fine to be put inside the sensor well of the boiler appliance, alongside the probe of the original mechanical sensor. It would fit, what I’m afraid of is the 60°C environment it would be put into. Is it a good idea or should I look for another cabling+sheath?

This question was asked fairly recently. I can’t remember the specifics, but I do remember
the comment about the heat-shrink being little more than a strain relief, and that the epoxy potted
variant is the one to use.

I’ve only found this tangentially related thread, based on your keywords. I have a few of those nickel-brass sheathed ones, I think they’re a better fit for this purpose, but it would be good to know about the OEM supplied ones too.