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Possible connection to NIBE SMO 20

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I’m very new to Open Energy Monitor. A few weeks ago I installed an emonPI to monitor whole house + PV energy, and in the utility room we have an emonTX which I’m setting up to monitor our heat pump.
I haven’t managed to get everything working as i want yet but am making progress.
Our heat pump is an ASHP, Nibe F2040, with a SMO20 controller.
I’m wondering what possibilities there might be for connecting the OEM hardware directly to the SMO20 heat pump controller.
The installation manual for the SMO20 is here:

Down on page 23 in Chapter 5 there are some instructions of how to connect external devices to the SMO20. One of the options is to turn on ‘luxury hot water mode’ based on an external signal.
I’m wondering if it would be possible to get the OEM system to trigger the ‘luxury’ mode when we have excess solar energy production. I wonder if this would better than buying a solar diverter which would use the immersion element rather than the heat pump, so may be less efficient.

I can’t find anyone who has done this with a Nibe SMO20 on the forum, but perhaps there is someone who has done something similar with another heat pump.

Hello @Dr_W Im doing something similar with my EcoDan heat pump but I cant say without diving into the detail what might be possible with the Nibe. A quick search bought up this thread on the NodeRed forums that might be useful: Connect to the NIBE Uplink API (or any Oauth2 API) - General - Node-RED Forum
and there’s quite a bit on the Home Assistant forums Search results for 'nibe' - Home Assistant Community

Hi Trystan,
MAny thanks for this. Looks like i need to do a bit of background reading on Node Red and HA. I’m not really familiar with either.
At the moment, my plan is to monitor energy production and usage for 6 - 12 months to see how much surplus electricity our PVs are producing. Once I know that I can see if it will be useful to try to figure how to use it by heating up our watertank, either by third party solar diverter or the ASHP itself.

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