OpenEVSE Timer function

I tried to use the timer function of the OpenEVSE for the first time but it didn’t work as expected.

It started charging at the correct time but it didn’t stop.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m running V 4.12.3 EU1 and firmware 2.7.0


I think they is a bug in the firmware version you are running. 2.7.5 (Fix start/pause button on web UI not able to override the delay timer (requires open_evse FS V5.0.0))

you need to upgrade the wifi and evse.

Thanks Paul.
Should I not use the the EU firmware from here as I’m in the UK?:
Do you know what the difference is?
The hex files are different lengths, so I assume there is some difference.

My Mistake. I will edit my post above.

also some information on flashing in windows

Thanks Paul. After the updates it works fine. :+1: