ESP8266 and Open EVSE Flashing on windows

Flashing the ESP8266 from windows.

Install programer serial drivers.

Put the esp8266 in to bootloader by pressing gp0 while pluging in.

Download the latest firmware.bin from Releases · OpenEVSE/ESP8266_WiFi_v2.x · GitHub

Then download Releases · Rodmg/esptool-gui · GitHub

Extract the file, run the esptool-gui.exe

Select the correct com port, firmware.bin and press upload


For the OpenEVSE firmware

Install the drivers for the programer

install WINAVR WinAVR download |

Create a folder

Download the firmware from Releases · openenergymonitor/open_evse · GitHub

Rename file to open_evse.hex

Download the bat file and .bin file from Releases · OpenEVSE/open_evse · GitHub

Connect the OpenEVSE and run the bat file. when completed (about 60 seconds) close the dos windows do not press any key or it will flash again.



Nice work, thanks for posting.

I and many of the OpenEVSE developers are Linux users, therefore the user guide / instructions are more tailored to Linux rather than Windows. It’s really great that you’ve highlighted windows alternative.

More just for my own reference in 6 months time :grin:

and if it helps another user :+1: