Old forum archive - last chance to save your old PM's!

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(Glyn Hudson) #1

As you know we are moving towards taking down out old Drupal 6 site which is EOL and a security risk to keep running on our servers. As you have probably noticed we have launched a new home page and moved the building block resources to a new Learn site, see blog post.

The old forums have now been converted to a static html site, any URL’s which point to old forum threads will be re-directed to the static archive e.g

will re-direct to:

Links to specific old forum threads will re-direct to the correct place:

will re-direct to:


Before we take down the old Drupal site for good you may want to save any private messages PM messages you may have stored in PM section of the old site

You can log in to your old account and view your old PM’s by following this URL:

After the 1st March 2017 (Wednesday next week) Drupal site (including your old account & PM’s) will no longer be accessible.

The message is particularly aimed at @moderators who may have built up an extensive archive or PM’s in the old message system.

(Robert Wall) #2

Is there a tool to download & save those PMs locally?

And will the archive ultimately become searchable again, other than clicking outside the site and using Google with the "site: … " advanced option syntax?

Because if not, an awful lot of excellent material will be inaccessible in practice, so making saving any of the old forums rather pointless.

(Paul Reed) #3

The link doesn’t really work for me…
but none the less, I’m of the same opinion as Robert, without the forum, the PM’s are of little use, so IMO commit the history to history, and press the delete key!

(Glyn Hudson) #4

No not really. However, I used to download the website. I’m sure this could be used to download PM’s. Or there is probably a Chrome extension which would do the same job.

The Drupal PHP search never really worked very well, I always used Google. I think google is by far the best solution for searching the old archive. Since all the pages are now static html they will index very well.

I think they are worth saving, I see most visitors arriving in the old forums via an old URL (which have all been preserved) or via a google search.

Really? Just tested again for several IP’s and it seems to work for me. What error do you get?

(Robert Wall) #5

Paul, I didn’t actually mean to say that. There are two, somewhat separate, concepts here.

  1. The ability or otherwise to download all of your own PMs - as CSV maybe?
  2. If the search on the old forums isn’t restored in a usable way, all the material there - and I regularly refer enquirers to the old forums - becomes inaccessible and worthless. OK, there’s dross as you’d expect, but there’s a lot of priceless information and experience too. It would be a great shame if it was all lost.

(Paul Reed) #6

All I get from the link is the page below. I’m shown as being logged in, but not sure how I’d get to my PM’s from there, but in any event, there’s none I want to keep anyway, so no worries.

(Jon Murphy) #7

The link did not work for me either…

EDIT: The next step is to click:

Send this user a private message

Then click on the tab Messages

EDIT2: for what it is worth I still search the old forum for my old posts. I know there used to be a way for me to login and then see a long list of my old posts. How can I access that long list of my posts??

For the past week (before this notice) I had been searching for an exchange about “Heating Degree Days” and how to calculate using the eMon system. But I have not been able to locate it!

(Robert Wall) #8

That’s what I see too.

HTTrack doesn’t work for us plebs:

17:06:40 Error: “Forbidden” (403) at link (from primary/primary)
17:06:40 Warning: No data seems to have been transferred during this session! : restoring previous one!

So short of downloading each message thread individually - in excess of 450 for me - it can’t be done.

[Thinks: Presumably it needs a UserID/password combination to be granted access.]

(Glyn Hudson) #9

Once logged in (with your old druapl account) what do you see when you browse to:

This is what I see when I browse to (once I login)

I can then click on Messages to view PM’s

(Paul Reed) #10

That url gets me in OK.


(Robert Wall) #11

How does Drupal convey the authorization from the login page to the messages page? I’ve spent most of tonight trying to get HTTrack to perform. I appear to be logging in, but can’t get past 403 Forbidden to get to the messages.
(I also tried wget with save-cookies and load-cookies, with much the same result.)

(I can log in with Firefox, but I can’t get to messages. But I can with Opera. Weird.)

(Jon Murphy) #12

@glyn.hudson - would it be acceptable to grab an old forum archived post and re-post them here?

I can grab them in one LONG page like this:
Water Meter Guide Updated v2.0 | Archived Forum v2.pdf (1.9 MB)

or many smaller pages like this:
Water Meter Guide Updated v2.0 | Archived Forum.pdf (2.0 MB)

I’ll also grab to Node-Red code separately and make that available also.

(Glyn Hudson) #13

Sure, if you think it’s relevant. Alternatively you could just post a link to the old forum archive and continue the thread on the new forums. As I mentioned the old forums will always be kept online as an archive with all URL’s intact

(Glyn Hudson) #14

I will be via a browser session cookie. I used htttrack to download the public website content, I’m unsure that it would work for PM’s that require a login.

(Robert Wall) #15

That is what I was assuming, and it does appear to do so.

It would be good if you could find time to try, at this moment I’m reasonably sure it won’t work.

(Glyn Hudson) #16

A browser session cookie is only valid for the browser that initiated the login. It seems HTTrack runs as a separate application on another port, therefore, logging in via a browser probably won’t let HTTrack access private data. I’m not sure how you would log in via HTTrack since Drupal does not login via simple HTTP authentication that HRTrack supports.

Sorry for recommending HTTrack, it worked well for me to download the public part of the site.

How about trying a browser extension such as:

(Robert Wall) #17

Nope, it doesn’t open and follow into each message thread.

(Glyn Hudson) #18

You might need to open each message in tab then the chrome extension should be able to save all the open tabs.

(Robert Wall) #19

> 450 threads, whether singly or collectively by page, is still a painful process a page of 25 at a time, was a painful process, but I eventually got there.

(Robin Emley) #20

Two questions about the original forum:

  1. Is there a link to get to the old forum from this new Community place? Or do you just have to know that it’s at

  2. Is it still possible to search the old forum? I have always found this to be a very useful facility.