Old forum archive - last chance to save your old PM's!

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(Glyn Hudson) #21

All URLs will auto-redirect, see my post above for example:

The Drupal PHP search never really worked very well. As before the best way to search the old forums is using google.

(Gwilym Noble) #22

Yes, there should be a button labelled “Archived”; here is how it should look.

(Robin Emley) #23

How can Google be instructed to search only that particular location? Normally, a Search Engine searches the whole web. IMHO, the old forum is a treasure trove of useful information, and I have always found its associated Search facility to be excellent. I have yet to warm to this new place …

(daturach) #24

Something like this (adjust accordingly):

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(Robert Wall) #25

I’ve already said that a few times.

(Glyn Hudson) #26

Totally agree, the old forum as been converted to a static site so it can be treasured forever. I will look at adding a custom google search box to the site.

(Robin Emley) #27

Wow, this is just what I was hoping for. It’s presumably searching both the old forum and the new one.
“smarter ways”

(daturach) #28

Yes,the new and the old.
You can exclude the new one if you like:


(Glyn Hudson) #29

Thanks to @Gwil a Google Custom Search box has been added to the bottom of all forum-archive pages

This search box only searches the old (archive) forum.

(Bill Thomson) #30

Here’s some additional info on using Google search that may help when searching the old forum.

(Paul Reed) #31

Does it need some sort of description, to let users know that it only searches the old (archive) forum, or is it fair to assume?


(Robert Wall) #32

A good question. If you know you’re effectively in a different place and you went there via the Archive button, I think it’s fair to assume that it searches only where you are at that moment. But if you got there directly or you don’t realise that you’re in the old, unmaintained place, then that assumption becomes questionable.

What argument applies to the search here? That doesn’t search the old forum, whereas I would have expected that it would - because of the link via the Archive button. Maybe that ought to be made clear somehow (in the mouse hover?).

The archive search is “below the fold” for me. Is the foot of the page - even below what looks suspiciously like a footer - the best place?