Octopus Agile Consumption History Download

My data has not been updated for 2 days now.

Are others having the same experience?

Octopus have had data issues. Check your Octopus dashboard. If data not up to date there it generally means its not available via the API.

Yes loads! Seems to be a problem with the 3rd party DCC.

The problem now seems to be fixed.

For some, maybe


API is still missing some data as well.

Maybe this could shed some light on the problem?


No don’t think it is related. They are pretty responsive, just don’t seem to be getting the data reliably from their DCC source.


I wasn’t ‘flying blind’ during my data outage as I have a CAD that captures smart meter data as it is sent to DCC. It provides Power Now, Consumption Today and CUM Consumption and works with both SMETS1 & SMETS2 smart meters. See link …

I never suggested you were!!!