Oct18 SDCard issues

I have loaded the EmonSD into an EmonPi and have met with a couple of issues.

1 The rsyslog configuration is such that the logs fill very quickly.
2 The LCD screen does not go to sleep like the image sold with the EmonPi does (reported elsewhere by others as well). [solution nano ~/emonpi/lcd/emonPiLCD.cfg edit backlight_timeout variable]
3 Partition needs expanding but raspi-config cannot do it. [solution is sudo emonSDexpand as per documentation]. Expanding Filesystem - #3 by borpin

Latest image meant I had to update lcd service config.
cd ~/emonpi/lcd/emonPiLCD.cfg
backlight_timeout = xxx (default is 0 = always on)

Correct, I’ve only followed the github inital image setup directions using emonSDexpand

Edit: realised you are probably just pointing out some fixes, but maybe I will help… someone!

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