Node-Red solarpanel simulator

I previous made a solar panel simulator software. I have now tried to make it running in the emonBase
(raspberry pi + emonPi CMS)
after installing Node-Red and emoncms nodes I made this flow

I have made this with my limited skills (new to flow programming)
Solar_panel_sim.txt (5.5 KB)

The simulator depends on data requests from
where you have to create a free account to weather data for the simulator (cloudcover, sunrise,sunset, time etc.)
I have added comments to the code.

The result looks like this:

Yes I know the feeds says heatpump ( that was my original idea maybe that will come later) but it is of course fixed in the uploaded flow… You can rename the feeds in the Node-Red flows…

Give it a try maybe you can add improvements to the code.



Nice work! thumbsup

a lot of trial and error and searching the web…

it’s not perfect, I don’t know how it will perform over a year… I would like it to be as close to the real deal as possible… but it is fun to play with…


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Thanks for sharing @Boye I’m interested in this to produce a day ahead forecast for the Emoncms Demand Shaper module, do you have a version of this that runs as a script? either php/python/js?

nop, but you can get a 5 day forecast on perhaps you could do the calculations in node-red.

I am not very good at php/python/js…